In the Gundam franchise, SEED and IBO were known by their love-hate relationships among fans. The disdain for IBO deserved a separate piece, but the hate on SEED is understandable. To be fair, Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny are great series, and terrible at the same time. Sure, it got great character stories and suit designs, but the SEED/SEED Destiny prose is not for everyone. I thought it was overly emotional, up to the point that characters became irrational with their actions. And I think it got a bad mix of drama and action, where one overpowers the other.

Then, there is the plot armor.

Yes, we all know it. The main character Kira Yamato kept flexing his invincibility throughout the show, from surviving a high temperature re-entry, escaping an explosive murder attempt by his friend, to rising from the wreckage of his nuked vehicle after being skewered by the crazy Shinn. Most of the time, we all want our hero to survive until the end of a story, but I got to admit that a glorious end is preferable than illogical survival. An overly invincible protagonist is simply a turn-off to fans who want to connect with a more human hero. But I do wonder sometimes if Kira’s reputation of being overpowered is really deserved, as plot armors were celebrated traditions in most shows. After all, we need a larger-than-life hero. Making the protagonist too vulnerable could also turn off fans. Hence, we skimmed the Gundam universe for guys and girls who displayed unusual resiliency and checked if they got thicker plot armors than our boy Kira.

Kira’s Invincibility Revisited
This is all Kira got from an explosion.

Before everything else, let’s do a quick recap on how Kira defied the Grimm Reaper many times. During the first few episode of Gundam SEED, it was made clear that Kira Yamato was someone special. Being a genetically engineered Coordinator meant he has enhanced human capability unlike the Average Joes. This explained how he survived being fried alive in his suit during

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