I know that 2020 is a hard year, but this is just for fun. Sick fun to be exact.

It’s official, 2020 is a loathed year. It brought a lot of misfortunes to humanity, ranging from celebrity deaths, forest fires, natural calamities, and the worst among all, the global pandemic. And to add to the craziness are the unworldly events, like the confirmed UFO sightings. We are not sure if some depressed soul managed to summon an unclean spirit, to curse this year. What’s sure is that we all want this year to end, and it should take all its s**** it with it.

And after re-watching some episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion, not to mention the End of Evangelion, a pattern emerged. 2020 seems to be the ugly incarnation of the Evangelion series.

Okay, the subject was brought up during one chat with our friends (online). It was stupid, so stupid in fact that it inspired me to right it down to spill its stupidity in the whole web. But then, as a friend suggested, maybe likening this real-life apocalypse to Shinji’s collapsing world could brighten things up and make everything bearable. As after all, fans always wanted to live in an anime world. And now they got the chance!

Unfortunately, it made things sound grimmer than it is.

Anyway, as what my friends pointed out, we are now living in the real Third Impact World. And below are the reasons why (and we hope things won’t get worse).

Special Mention no 1: Someone in Reddit Predicted it
Yes, r/evangelion is a great place to hang out!

I hated it, when some obnoxious self-styled psychic will make grim predictions when New Year starts. And I know that this kid from r/evangelion was goofing around when he said it. If only he knew what 2020 would bring to humanity, and if only he knew what craziness lies ahead. I’m not blaming the kid and in fact we are fond of making crazy New Year predictions ourselves. And checking the comment section is gold!

Special Mention no 2: We Won’t Get Hot Chicks or Whiny Teenager
Too bad, we won't see h

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