I know you will agree with me. Hands down, the Neon Genesis Evangelion is a sick, sick anime. I kept stressing this, for never in the history of mecha, and even in the anime world that we have something as convoluted as this. Messed up is the best term for the series though some might point out that it’s the charm of the whole darn show. The way it conveys those insanity made it a classic among the pantheons of legendary anime. Others find it confusing. Some might find it depressing. The Evangelion series is not exactly melodrama, but it never needed tear jerking moments to ruin your day. But for me, it’s just simple trolling by Anno. People may not agree with me, but the Evangelion series has too many loose ends that might be open to individual interpretations.

But the Evangelion series could get creepy at some point.

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