Veni, Vidi, Exitus: Ancient Hibernia challenges the full might of Rome

Veni, Vidi, Exitvs (Latin: I came, I saw, I left)
A gripping historical saga, spanning millennia. Two men connected by kinship, worlds apart, united inside the realm of their dreams.

King Connor of the Eblanani must confront the unstoppable forces that threaten his kingdom in Hibernia, armed with nothing but visions of the future that give him knowledge and guidance of battles that have yet to unfold. Can he save his people from the wrath of the Roman Empire, the famous 9th Legion under General Agricola?

Octavia, the beautiful young daughter of a powerful Roman senator, runs away from society’s rules and finds herself under the protection of Digdi, the Healer. Once her path crosses Connor’s, events unfold that will affect Irish history itself.

Professor Declan Reardon is constantly plagued by nightmares of bloody wars he has only studied in books. He isn’t a warrior, but some nights, he finds himself on the battlefields of ancient Ireland, fighting alongside what feels like his kin and experiencing the brutality of war first-hand. The love of his life, Giulia, has her own battles to fight, but is it Declan, or is it Connor, who comes to her aid?

If you enjoyed the Outlander series, then you will love this historical fantasy. For those seeking a captivating and thrilling adventure in ancient Hibernia, this book is the ultimate page-turner.

“When the boundaries of the past, present, and future blur, history loses its footing, leaving no basis for construction.” Mug Ruith, Archdruid.