Stylish LED Lit 18 Leaves Wall Tree Decor | Beautiful Tree Wall Decor

Metal art is in fashion now. And metal art mixed subtly blended in a folk appearance is a real tree decor masterpiece. Hanging on your living room walls would naturally induce a feeling of calm and solace among your visitors. The eye-catching tree wall decor design is sure to keep your guests engaged for hours.

And to take things a step further, the LED lights present in this delicate tree decor masterpiece will add some soft hue to the entire ambiance. Be it day or night; this tree decor masterpiece is bound to stand out from the rest. And all the beauty which your walls deserve.

The Art of Indian Rajasthani Iron handicraft

Originally handcrafted for the Royal palaces of Rajasthan, the time honored art of Iron Handicrafts involves minute and ethnic paintings on Beautifully crafted Iron figurines and Wall panels. The exquisite art and special design of different cities of Rajasthan (Jodhpur, Jaipur, Alwar etc) remains in high demand since years in export market.

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