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Rug Cleaning Melbourne – Cleaning the rugs using the DIY methods only cleans the surface, leaving behind a mix of soil and chemical residue. The best way to clean a rug is to get it cleaned professionally from the rug cleaning experts in order to achieve the best results.
Whether your rug is a treasured Persian or a modern machine-made creation, the care we take when cleaning and sanitizing it, remains the same.
Whenever we take on a new rug cleaning project, we comply with the guidelines. We complete a detailed analysis of the rug before we begin our job to decide the ideal approach to clean it. Generally, pre-vacuuming lifts loose dirt and it allows us to attack the deeper-rooted grime. In order to ensure that they are fully removed during the washing, localized stains and spots require special pre-treatment. Contact Us – 1300 360 274

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