Rice Manufacturers in Punjab – Ameena Rice

Punjab is one of the major crops growing state in India and its rice production plays a vital role in export of Rice from India. Basmati rice producers in Punjab also utilize innovative farm mechanization and an industry-leading milling technology to create the most delectable rice strains available in the world’s markets today.

These manufacturers are both vital stakeholders in the agricultural industry with thousands of workers and farmers and their families depending on these factories for their daily living. They are also keen to improve the sustainability capabilities and environmental impact as well as the production output. The rich soils in the region, and good climatic conditions present in the region, make it possible to grow aromatic and long rice which are of international standards.

This is where some of the major manufacturers such as LT Foods, the KRBL Ltd, and Amira Nature Foods continue to be and to exert a great influence on the quality of the produced rice. These manufacturers are situated everywhere in order for them to be able to spread their rice in both local and international markets in order to further endorse Punjab as the rice capital of the world.