People Explain Why They Are Afraid of Pocket Knives

Knife collection is my next great obsession next to toy collecting. More than once people asked why a grown man like me would collect toys. Well they think it’s childish and inappropriate to my age, and they suggest I go for other hobbies. Rather than argue with them and ruin my day, I just try to understand that they are not a tired engineer whose stresses are cured by toys. And thankfully their constant snide comments made me grew thick skins.

And I could use my skins of Kevlar now, as my other hobbies are getting a fair share of comments.

Unlike toy collecting, knife collecting is a functional hobby. It started as a mean of self defense, and it later evolve into blade fascinations. Now that I have a day job, I found out how a folded blade in my pocket could come in handy when the need arises. In my line of

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