Only the Hero Can Change the Story: Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone To Transform Your Life: A Method B

The idea behind Only the Hero Can Change the Story is to help young adults realize that they shouldn’t be afraid of challenges in life. On the contrary, they are something to look forward to in order to learn and grow.

I’m going to show you that there’s always a way to make changes to what’s never worked for you. To do this, I share what has allowed me to give meaning to my existence and lead you down the path of my self-transformation. I’m no longer the shy little boy who doesn’t know where to go, desperate.

Through my experience, philosophy, and practical examples, I give you the keys to get out of your comfort zone and discover your full potential. Though your past and difficulties are not exactly the same as mine, you will without a doubt recognize yourself in my story.

Let me provide you with the motivation to change everything and proof that YOU can do it, just as much as I can.


Part I: The Beginning
Chapter 1: Life Before
Chapter 2: Being Grateful for What has Happened
Chapter 3: The Trigger

Part II: Change
Chapter 1: The Power of Small Actions
Chapter 2: Physical Evolution
Chapter 3: Self-Confidence
Chapter 4: Opening Up to the World
Chapter 5: Women
Chapter 6: What's Next

Part III: The Red Thread
Chapter 1: In Search of Meaning
Chapter 2: Sticking to Your Values
Chapter 3: Finding the Balance

Part IV: Sources of Inspiration
Chapter 1: External Influence
Chapter 2: The People Around Me
Chapter 3: The Bad Example


Bonus: How did my loved ones perceive my evolution?

Author Bio :

Pierre Avedissian was born in 2000 in Saint-Etienne, France. He moved to Lyon after getting his high school Diploma at 17 years old. He spent six years there studying at CPE Lyon, an engineering school specializing in chemistry. During his studies, he worked in Germany and in South Africa. He will graduate in November 2024. His goal is to find a job combining his knowledge of chemistry and his passion for sports.