North America Smart Fleet Management Market : Forecast (2019-2026)

Smart fleet management is more than just tracking the locations of trucks within the field. It also includes keeping watch for activities as well as behaviour that may put drivers, or the reputation of company at risk. The fleet-tracking system provider are developed for an advanced driver monitoring system that will promote safe driving and introduce new parameters of value-added services to different customers. The GPS devices continuously collect raw data from the field vehicles that include driving behaviours such as rapid acceleration, speeding and hard braking. Once the data is collected, it is then wirelessly transmitted to the company headquarters delivering the service for future analysis.

The market for smart fleet management in North America is segmented into transportation, hardware, connectivity, solution and geography. Based on hardware, the market is classified into tracking optimization, ADAS and remote diagnostics. The ADAS or advanced driver assistance systems held the largest market share owing to its utility in monitoring and delivering real-time data to the drivers for properly driving the car. By connectivity, the short-range communication system is the largest segment. Increase in growth of traffic and rise in demand for monitoring of shorter distances to manage traffic jams have led the short-range segment hold the largest market share.

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