Lab Grown or Natural Diamond Engagement Rings Supplier in UK

"At Marlow's Diamonds, we use exquisite jewellery craftsmanship to tell tales, bring out feelings, and celebrate life's most treasured moments. We do more than just sell jewellery we add more joy to your special moments. We have been proudly standing as suppliers of magnificent diamonds and luxury jewellery since 2008; our pieces go beyond simple adornments to become treasured heirlooms.

Fascinating ovals, fascinating marquises, classic emerald cuts, and opulent cushion shapes—all tenaciously polished to the finest standards—are the fancy-shaped diamonds at the core of our craftsmanship. With the goal of making our diamonds seem greater than their carat weight, we take satisfaction in promising that they not only meet but beyond expectations.

Our persistent dedication to quality above quantity is what distinguishes Marlow's Diamonds. Our expert polishers don't just concentrate on carat weight; instead, they create each diamond to maximise its proportions, going beyond the conventional method. Because of this unique process, the brilliance of our 1-carat diamonds is comparable to that of a traditional 1.25-carat stone. We prioritise the beauty of our diamonds to provide an unmatched shine because we believe in the power of visual impact.

You may see the careful procedure for choosing our diamonds when you visit any of our stores. In order to maximise visual sparkle and overall look and assure the best yield in the polished end product, we meticulously choose raw diamonds. By keeping this promise, you will surely get a masterpiece rather than just a piece of jewellery.

Lab Grown or Natural Diamond Engagement Rings Supplier in UK

We at Love Grown Diamonds are passionate about sourcing high quality laboratory-grown diamond rings, as well as other diamond jewellery that is certified by GIA, IGI, and CTI. Come and purchase our diamond without any hassle.
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