Know why Mother Narmada vomits. ,

Let me tell you an interesting thing that Narmada river is such a river which flows in the opposite direction. Let us know some scientific reasons for this.

Where does Narmada river flow?

The Narmada River flows completely opposite to its course and then joins the Arabian Sea. Narmada river two major states of India

Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh have a special river. The Narmada River flows westward for 1,312 km and joins the Arabian Sea at the Gulf of Khambhat.

a river travels a long way

Earlier, in 1312 long courses, the Narmada river carried 95,726 square kilometers of water from places in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

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Due to reverse flow of Narmada river

The Rift Valley is the reason for the reverse flow of the Narmada River. A rift valley is the direction in which a river flows. Narmada due to this gradient

The river flows from east to west.

This only river of India flows in reverse direction, you will be surprised to know the scientific reason

Religious reason for reverse flow of river

Narmada and Shona Bhadra were to be married, but shortly before the marriage, Narmada came to know that Bhadra had married her maid Juhila