Foul mood is contagious, that’s what life taught me. There is nothing worse than meeting someone in low spirits early in the morning and ending up like him. Sad people got an unenviable talent of sapping up someone else’s positive energy. Before you know it, you too are carrying their burden, even though you got nothing to do with their darn lives. That’s why I don’t understand why some people are drawn to drama shows. I mean I can’t understand their fascinations with mixing up with someone’s misery.

And speaking of which, what am I thinking back then when I bought The End of Evangelion DVD and watched it? But then, I love the original Evangelion TV series, and I don’t mind the gibberish sketch and the display of depression. What I like about the series is that they could show those realistic portrayals of mental illness without the excessive drama.

But as much as I lo

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