How to Draw an Anime Boy (Shounen)

A lot of us grew up watching shounen anime. You know, those wild and sometimes violent shows with crazy fight scenes, unique stories, crazy competitive sports (e.g., model car racing, spinning tops) and a kid in a funny outfit and spiky hair. Admit it, we love them. The West grew up with '80s action-adventure cartoons, and the arrival of shounen anime offered a unique twist. The anime boys of the '90s appealed to a broad audience—from kids to young adults. They vary from nice guys with earth-shaking furies (Son Goku) to hotblooded competitors (Ash Ketchum), from hyperactive ninja (Naruto) to space cowboys (Spike). Even today, shounen anime never lose their spark, and they will continue to charm future anime geeks for years to come.

And yes, they are fun to draw.

Shoujo characters might be th

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