According to United Nations in 2005 an estimated of 100 million children are homeless. Ghana is one of the Africa countries with high rate of homeless children. The Urban population of Ghana is 14 million while over 5.5 million of this population lives in slum which is around 39% of Ghana’s urban population.
The essence of education cannot be under estimated in the life of the children as it means to study in order to obtain a deeper knowledge and understanding of varieties of subjects that are applicable in the day-to-day activities of their life.
In spite of the progress Ghana has made in improving access to education for all, there are still challenges preventing thousands of children from going to school and learning.
Nearly 623,500 children of primary school age are still not enrolled in primary school and one out of four children in the kindergarten age range (from four to five years of age) are not in pre-school. According to the 2010 national census, over 20% of children that are orphans are not attending school.
Due to the launcher of this campaign affection towards education and orphans, he is seeking your assistance to be able to sponsor the education of a total number of 20 homeless orphans in Kyeremando a town in the central region of Ghana from their Primary education to Tertiary lever with their feeding and accommodation inclusive. It would really be a thing of happiness and joy to be part of those that will impact the lives of these homeless orphans.


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