Graduate Marine Engineering GME: Course Detail, Admission, Colleges, Entrance Exam

What do you seek in your life? Adventure, thrill, respect, or rewards and recognition for your work, or all of them? The thing is whatever you want to do in life, merchant navy offers the perfect platform to kick-start your career and reach the pinnacle of success, no matter how you perceive success to be. It is a false concept that the career of a marine engineer has reached its apex at the rank of Chief Engineer or Marine Superintendent (or Surveyor).

The truth is, the field of work opens up after the position of Second Engineer. There are endless global opportunities available and you have the resources to fulfill your dreams. One such course through which you can join the engine department of the merchant navy is, Graduate Marine Engineering. Marine Engineers are sought after throughout the world because of their problem-solving skills, capacity to work hard, interpersonal skills and ability to work under pressure.