Enhancing Learning Outcomes with Custom eLearning Solutions Development

Get certified in fall protection training with our online course. As anyone working at heights knows, it's crucial to be aware of the potential hazards of the job. This program is an excellent introduction to the principles of fall protection, including the use of fall arrest equipment according to manufacturer instructions and safe work practices.

Our fully narrated course is AODA compliant, and you can pause and resume it as needed, with automatic bookmarking to pick up where you left off. We use relevant images and activities to reinforce concepts, and each module ends with a summary and practical training checklist. At the end of the course, you'll take a final test to evaluate your understanding.

Here's what you'll learn:

1. Introduction
Understand the anatomy of a fall, types of fall hazards, and how to eliminate, prevent, and control falls from ladders, scaffolds, buckets, towers, work platforms, and more.

2. Slips, Trips, and Falls
Learn about falls on level surfaces, from elevation, and from ladders, as well as tips for using ladders safely and avoiding slips, trips, and falls.

3. Fall Protection Equipment
Get a detailed explanation of fall protection equipment, including guardrails, travel-restraint systems, fall-restricting systems, fall-arrest systems, safety nets, and provincial height requirements.

4. Anchor Systems
Understand the three basic types of anchors, safety factors, anchorage, clearance, pendulum effect, and improper anchorage points.

5. Components of a System
Discover the different components of a fall protection system, such as connectors, rope grabs, carabiners, full body harnesses, lanyards, shock absorbers, and lifelines (horizontal and vertical).

6. Inspections
Learn about equipment inspections for damage, wear, and defects, and the detailed procedures for inspecting harnesses, lanyards, webbing, and rope lanyards.

7. Storage and Maintenance
Understand how to store and maintain personal fall arrest equipment properly.