Dhoti for Men, a regal choice – Pachaiyappas

Dhotis are among the most distinguished men’s wear that one can find in South Indian tradition. However, what set some people apart was not the design of their dothi, but rather the material and quality of the fabric itself.

Silk Dhotis are a sign of prestige!
Silk dhotis for men have a subtle yet unforgettable significance. While at first, these designs are assumed to be minimalistic, a closer look at the borders of these dhotis will tell you a different story!

Silk dhotis are still worn today as a way to adorn ourselves in the finest garment nature can produce. They come with a shimmer that no other garment can accurately match. When you combine the level of comfort one can obtain because of silk’s softness and texture; the beauty of a silk dhoti truly does start to make sense.

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