Basmati Rice exporter in India

We are one of the top Basmati rice trade suppliers in India as our areas of operation include global distribution of high-quality rice. Our operations lie in the basmati belt of Northern India whose ripe countryside supports the growth of the best basmati rice varieties with their distinct smell, elongated grains, and supreme taste.

Dedicated to quality and safety, we follow strict quality management during sourcing and packaging of each grain to the most demanded international standards. Our product portfolio includes basic Basmati rice and steam rice along with organic Basmati and special blends of rice for varied usages. We have a sufficient supply base, we have latest miller facilities and well-trained team that ensures delivery with customer satisfaction.

Why partner with us? You will obtain such a tasty and genuine Indian Basmati rice of high quality that you won’t be able to get anywhere else as it is harvested and processed by experts. We preach and practice farming in a sustainable manner and we support our local farmers to provide better harvests while helping our nation to grow economically and sustain an ecosystem.