This machine dry garlic peeling machine not require water. this machine require air compressor. The machine use in high production peel garlic.

APS is big production of peel garlic capacity garlic peeling machine manufacturing. This machine auto continue garlic peeler. We are garlic machinery India No 1 manufacturer. our every year new technology update in machine.

Garlic peeling machine is the ideal equipment for efficient removal of Garlic skin peeled, mainly used for process Garlic Paste, Garlic Powder, Garlic Pickle, Garlic juice. Use in pharmaceutical company, Restaurants, hotel & Caterers.

Why choose APS automatic garlic peeling machine:-

Garlic ball stripping, exclusive development of adjustable roller clearance size.
No breakage rate is higher than 98%.
Built-in fan: garlic skin and the garlic head can be separate at the same time.
Simple operation.one people can operate the machine alone.
It has practicality, power saving, high production efficiency, easy maintenance and low failure rate.
Adopts high-speed handoff rubber soft wheelset, purely manual simulation action.Features of Garlic Peeling and Cleaning Machine:
This machine integrate the functions of washing and cleaning together.
Removal rate is more than 99%, break rate is less than 0.5%.
Easy to be carried and can be used flexibly with high efficiency.

Technical Details

Modal : APS-GP555.

Machine type : Garlic peeler.

Capacity : 300kg , 500kg and 1000kg / Hour.

Power : 5 HP.

Air Compressor : 50 HP.

Size : 10 Feet Length, 7 Feet Height, 3.5 Feet Width.

Material : Stainless steel 304.

Warranty : 1 year.


Demo machine video


High peeling rate no size of garlic limit.
95% accuracy.
Dry type machine without water.
No Damage garlic clove.
This machine use in garlic powder line, food processing industries. you have any type of garlic peel in machine. we have all type garlic peeler capacity 50kg, 100kg.