App Cloner Old Version 2.18.1 Free Download For All Android User (Best Multi Cloner Apk)

In today’s article we are going to tell you about App Cloner Old Version. App Cloner is a useful application that is especially useful for users who have multiple accounts for the same app and want to log in to several at the same time. Due to its ease of use, you’ll be able to copy an application in seconds that will be exactly like your original app and work exactly the same.There are many other categories of users for whom App Cloner can be a great tool.

By cloning certain apps like Twitter, Skype, WordPress or Outlook, they can log into multiple accounts from one device. Which is useful for those who keep one account for personal use and another for business.Most of us can register only one account on our Android device but this can be extremely inconvenient if you have multiple accounts. App Cloner Old Version allows you to clone and run different accounts in a parallel environment on your Android device.