1121 Rice Manufacturers in Punjab

When we speak of 1121 rice manufacturers in Punjab 1121 Basmati rice addressed towards all the producers in Punjab producing and processing the superior quality 1121 Basmati rice long grain rice that has a specific scent and excellent cooking quality.

Basmati is the highly nutritious and aromatic rice grown in Punjab province in India which offers the right conditions for its growth including the soil and weather conditions as well as adoption of proper farming methods. These manufacturers fight for purity by using both traditional methods and modern technology. 1121 Basmati rice from Punjab is grown in abundance.

This rice variety is known for its unique taste and characteristic long-grain which is quite popular in the domestic as well as in international markets for gourmet food. Besides contributing to the local economy by creating employment, the industry is also important to India as a country which is heavily reliant on agricultural exports.